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SXD (SHANGHAI) organize the environmental activities
SXD (SHANGHAI) hold the activities of "Low carbon, environmental protection and green travel" on 18th oct 2014, The activity content is cycling tour to promote low carbon energy saving, advocate green environmental protection as the theme.

Activities is begin at early 5:00am, Project staff is divided into five groups, Group a security offier, Medical member and Logistics clerk, Personnel ready queue, etc.
Along the way everyone spirits, active;Revered, help each other;Some supple, some finesse, activity atmosphere quite well.Throughout the process, everyone in a group for the unit, the project department, for the collective, quickly the hardworking, actively clearing scenic area living garbage and industrial waste, to beautify the scenic area, to protect the environment contributes an own strength.

This activity, the positive propaganda low carbon energy conservation, advocating the spirit of the green environmental protection.Show we shan chai heavy industries (Shanghai) employees love the motherland, the true feelings of great rivers, as well as from nearby small start, set a good example of environmental responsibility.At the same time of exercise, has played a edify sentiment, and promote the role of mass communication, and effectively alleviate the pressure of work, cultivate our participation team consciousness and the spirit of competition.
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