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SXD(SHANGHAI) Hold birthday party for staff
"I wish you a happy birthday, happy birthday to you,..." , with the familiar birthday song, three "longevity" incision carefully ordered big cake together, suddenly, a warm applause, young face in each other the blessings of  smile......

This heart-warming scene in the company conference room in the morning, this is our birthday staff collective birthday party held in October. In order to strengthen enterprise culture construction, promote friendship and the affection between staff, common to build a harmonious, unity of the team, every month hold a birthday party for employees has become a tradition of the company.

Although Birthday party is short and warm, everybody give their best wishes to each birthman on the sincere and taste sweet and fresh fruit cake, share the joy of the birthday, feeling the warmth of home. To employees care of love, of the company staff to enhance the sense of belonging, but also promote the communication and understanding each other.

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